Never Use Your Browser's Password Manager

Never Use Your Browser's Password Manager

For a long time now many employees have been in the habit of saving their passwords in the web browser's password manager. Microsoft Edge is even introducing a new and improved password management feature. But here's the thing. We reccomend you NEVER let your team use the password manager built into any browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc. as they all have this facility). In today's need for heightened cyber security, using the web browser's password manager represents a serious risk to your business.

For a small monthly cost it's best to use a dedicated password manager that your business has full control over.

At CT Business Solutions we use, recommend and sell the Keeper password management system. We are NZ partners for their managed services product.

Benefits of the Keeper Password Manager System

- Remove the risk of a data breach.
- No need to have a good memory so strong complicated passwords can be set.
- Set strong security standards for logins.
- Increase productivity. No more hunting for passwords.
- Passwords are accessible on Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Phones.
- Secure company credit cards, and other delicate information.
- Usage reports and activity logs.
- Dark web scanning for password breaches.
- Simply delete employees from the system when they leave, yet retain their passwords for the business manager/owner to use if required.
- Employees can be resticted from even seeing the username and password.
- And much much more.

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Last updated 01/05/2022

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