"The Dangers of 'Walking the Plank' with Illegal Software"

"The Dangers of 'Walking the Plank' with Illegal Software"

A lot of small businesses want to purchase non-certified illegal software to lower costs. A new study reveals a surprising number of businesses willing to break the law. We'd advise that you think twice before you make a risky choice.

At present, the most frequently offered types of pirated software programs are project management software, and sales and marketing software programs. But half of the entrepreneurs admitted that they would definitely be tempted by illegal antispyware programs in order to save money.

Our recommendation is that you do not do it.

Unlike legitimate applications, pirated software can't produce support and frequently brings issues and threats. While it can open your company to new possibilities, you may end up with more problems as well.

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Cybercriminals sometimes use pirated documents to distribute malware. As some of it is designed to bypass firewalls, some files that were once inside your system may now spread to your network. That can lead to you losing sensitive or important information.

The cost of putting things back after this kind of cyberattack can cost a fortune, and the pirated software can cause damage to your devices by causing them to slow down or overheat.

We advise our customers to avoid falling for pirated software that's extremely affordable. If the price of this software program appears too good to be true, it's probably pirated.

Access controls can help you in every scenario by preventing unauthorized employee from obtaining malicious software, and you should make sure to train your associates about ransomware threats to business data so that they can understand the risks to your company.

If you would like help finding genuine software for your company, or creating a cyber-security strategy, please contact our team.

IRD Warns Businesses of Severe Consequences of using Illegal Software

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Last Updated: 19/12/2022
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Author: Dennis Jones | CT Business Solutions

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