The Key to Never Remembering Your Password Again

The Key to Never Remembering Your Password Again

Passkeys are expected to take the place of traditional passwords to give us a safer, stronger method for logging onto our on-line accounts.
Cyber security is becoming rapidly better as additional big names adopt the technology, and soon we will no longer need passwords.

This new tech has received substantial backing from the FIDO Alliance, an organization of numerous leading tech companies including Google, Apple Inc., and Microsoft. Its intent is to eliminate the traditional passwords altogether.

A few of the major names in password-management software are announcing that they're rolling out passkeys on some of their apps now. The development of the service is attracting considerable attention, which should speed up the process even further.

Passkeys are used to keep credentials, which are unique codes for each device used to log in to it, on your phone. These are called private keys, and they are recognized through the use of your fingerprint or your device's facial recognition.

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When you access an account, the site generates a public key and sends you a request asking for a matching private key. Your matching private key gives you access to the account, just like a password.

Password managers enable you to create and store very complex passwords, so you can always have a password with strong, varied, and impossible character strings to guess for each site you visit.

Passkeys are achieving widespread use among traditional password managers, which is expected to accelerate the migration.
We invested countless hours developing strong passwords. Will they be in miss once they're gone? Unlikely.

Any move in the direction of greater security is always welcome, and we don't think it will take long before more and more online accounts are using passkeys.

If you'd like assistance protecting your company in 2023, give us a call and Use passkeys to safeguard your business.

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Last Updated 01/04/2023
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