Why CT Business Solutions?

Despite what others think, or what you may have heard, owning a business is often painful. We understand. We are a small business ourselves and have been around since 1998. In that time, we too have had our fair share of business pain points.

Our role in the business community is simply to provide IT and communication solutions that remove or relieve business pain. Our solutions are not "bleeding edge". Rather we prefer tried, tested and stable solutions.

We believe that we offer an honest and comprehensive service. We believe after 20 years of helping Hamilton businesses with their computer and communication needs, we have established our credibility and offer honest and practical advice. We have skilled staff who are experienced in solving problems for customers regarding their ICT system needs. Due to our high profile in the local business community we believe that our reputation has been well earned and is based on the quality of work we do.

As business service specialists we do not try to compete with one man bands that offer cheap prices and poor customer service. We offer quality support and will be here to help and support you for many years to come.

As we learn about your business, computer systems and technology needs we become a part of your team. We have an active involvement in making sure your systems work and have great uptime. This allows you to devote your time to running your business instead of your ICT.

If you would like to discuss your needs, and understand how working with our professional team will enable your business to run more effectively, please call us now.

Technology to Human interface - CT Business Solutions

We are CT Business Solutions Limited

We have a passion for both helping people and a love of technology. Since our early days way back in the late 1990's when all it seemed we did was drive around replacing failed hard drives or installing email programs for people, we have had a passionate interest in computers and helping people.

Being part of a global franchise network of more than 300 locations in 25 countries (in New Zealand there are over 15 locations within our franchise group), we are able to offer help both physically and remotely in most parts of the world. The back up and support our franchise network offers, means we are better able to help you by being able to call on a world of experts to help us if you have a unique need or an especially curly problem.

Locally, CT Business Solutions Limited has a team of staff who offer our services to companies either by remote technician access or by physically coming to you if needed. Our remote services offer great value for money as there is no travel time or call out fees.

The company is led by Dennis Jones who has been involved in using computers or repairing them since the mid 1970's, when most people didn't even know that New Zealand had computers. Over this time there is little that Dennis and the team haven't seen done to a computer or have had to repair.

Our continuing passion for what we do means that you can be assured that we will offer you high levels of service and be there when you need us, acting as a member of your team, with you and your company's best interests at heart.