Stop Wasting Time Setting Up Video Calls

 Stop Wasting Time Setting Up Video Calls

Each member of your team could be losing a couple hours of the week in setting up video conferencing calls. Stop wasting time.

Video conferences have revolutionised meetings between individuals and groups, and consequently saved a significant chunk of time. But we are still overlooking the full potential of the new technology, as new research shows.

Employees between the ages of 18 and 24 may take 10 minutes on average to get set up for a remote conference.

By an average 5 meetings a week, and that's suddenly lost you 40 hours yearly. That's a work week of wasted time once you figure in the older age groups.

It isn't always a result of differing technical knowledge. The studies show that employees often blame the device itself for lost productivity.

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Over 30% of people said that they didn't have the right tools for the task at hand, and 23% even said they felt excluded due to poor tech.

Employees often feel that the technology set up for remote and hybrid working doesn't match the standards that they need to do their job. That means bad microphones that don't work well, poor webcams that disrupt communications, or inadequate video calling software. That contributes to the challenges of meetings being set up and takes more time than expected.

Still, though businesses that offer remote and hybrid working are experiencing the benefits in other areas as well, including employee engagement and performance.

However, there is a solution.

Make sure your employees' tools, such as webcams and microphones, are working correctly to prevent them from hindering their performance.

You should try to find out what difficulties your employees are having with your current system. If you have any employees complaining that your system is difficult to use, opting for new alternatives or improving training would be ideal.

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