The Benefits of Zero Trust Networking vs a VPN

 The Benefits of Zero Trust Networking vs a VPN

Zero Trust (ZTN) and a VPN are two different approaches to network security. VPNs create a secure tunnel between a remote user and the corporate network, while Zero Trust assumes that no user or device can be trusted by default.

Increased security: ZTN assumes that no user or device can be trusted by default, which means that even if an attacker is able to compromise a user's device or account, they will not be able to access sensitive data on the corporate network unless they have the appropriate permissions. This is in contrast to a VPN, which simply creates a secure tunnel between a remote user and the corporate network.
Improved performance: ZTN can improve performance by reducing the amount of traffic that needs to be encrypted. This is because only traffic that is destined for a specific resource needs to be encrypted, rather than all traffic between the user and the network.
Greater flexibility: ZTN is more flexible than a VPN because it can be implemented in a variety of ways. This makes it a good choice for organisations with a large number of remote users or a complex network environment.
Reduced complexity: ZTN can reduce the complexity of network security by eliminating the need for complex perimeter security devices and policies.
Improved visibility: ZTN provides greater visibility into network traffic and activity, which can help organisations to identify and respond to threats more quickly.

Although Zero Trust Networking has been around for a while, it has become more prominent since the the Covid outbreak where many employees were forced into work from home conditions with little or no notice to prepare. ZTN was far easier and quicker for IT departments to deploy than Traditional VPN and so ZTN exploded in its popularity.

Overall, ZTN is a more secure, flexible, and efficient approach to network security than a VPN. However, it is important to note that ZTN is a complex solution and may not be suitable for all organisations.

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