3 Vital Security Tools for Every Business

3 Vital Security Tools for Every Business

Protect your business with these 3 Vital security tools. Discover the right combination of tools to keep your data safe and secure.

There are a variety of security services available to clients that perform various tasks, ranging from preventing criminals from accessing information, to tracking malware attacks, and knowing the extent of any damage that can lead to. There's no single remedy fit for every business simply because every business has different needs and goals when it comes to security.

As a fundamental level of protection, there are three essentials that every business should implement.

⦁ A Firewall

A firewall serves as the first line of defence against potential intruders trying to breach your IT network by monitoring incoming and outgoing internet traffic. Essentially acting as a protective wall between your network and the outside world.

⦁ A password management solution suitable for all members of the organisation.

A password manager stores your passwords in a secure location and can generate difficult-to-hack password combinations for all your accounts. Proper password managers can also handle Multi-Factor Authenitication codes which are often a source of frustration for some employees.

This security feature helps to protect you from brute force attacks, where cyber criminals try to force their way into your system by guessing your password. It also prevents you from writing them down in a "not so safe and secure" place.

⦁ A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Any remote or hybrid workers will require a VPN to be safe.

Your employees can safely access your network from anywhere in the world, without concern that their online activity may be followed.

A VPN will keep your computer completely hidden while you browse, and whatever you download is also private. It's recommended that your employees and colleagues who frequently use public Wi-Fi also utilize a VPN connection for added security.

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These are the exact minimum we would recommend.

Multi-factor authentication is the most powerful way to verify the identity of all users.
Antivirus software should be used to deal with any potential intrusions.

These components establish multiple layers of security to guard against security threats on multiple fronts.

However, it is significant to have a security scheme tailored to your company's particular needs. Therefore, it is vital to seek help from professionals in the field.

We understand that some people may not feel as passionate about IT security as we do, But we definitely have a passion for it.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if there is any way we can help you implement these Vital Security Tools.

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