Act Promptly to Evade a Cunning Phishing Scam

Act Promptly to Evade a Cunning Phishing Scam

Another day, another fraudulent scheme. This one is particularly devious.

Cybercriminals are becoming more cunning. The recent malware attack is remarkably clever as it disguises itself as a reputable brand to gain access.

Victims receive a seemingly legitimate email, appearing to be from a popular electronic signature platform.

The email comes with a seemingly harmless image attachment that actually contains empty svg files, encoded inside an HTML file attachment.

In summary, it's a cunning and effective trick that circumvents many security systems.

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This puts businesses like yours in jeopardy, as the code within the image redirects people to a harmful URL.

Opening the attachment may result in unwittingly installing malware onto your device or network, exposing your data and leaving you vulnerable to a ransomware attack.

Recently, small and medium-sized businesses have seen a surge of HTML attachment attacks, highlighting the need for companies to take proactive measures to outsmart criminals.

If you use electronic signature software, verify the authenticity of emails before opening any attachments.

The criminals have chosen to mimic a reputable name for a specific reason.

"To prevent employees from falling prey to scam emails, consider blocking all emails with this type of attachment, taking a proactive approach."

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