Are you sharing sensitive data on Microsoft Teams

Are you sharing sensitive data on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has now become one of the business world's most useful tools for the modern workplace and the way we work today.

Wherever your staff may be located, they can communicate and share information efficiently and reliably.

But this remote way in which data is shared can also present the danger of significant security breaches.

Research indicates that nearly half of employees regularly share confidential and sensitive information through Teams.

That can be a huge problem if employees are operating with private equipment as opposed to business-issued gear. Honestly, It's not as secure as workplace provided equipment.

More than 50% of individuals have divulged sensitive data through private devices. Worse yet, about 48% confessed they have accidentally sent files they shouldn't perhaps have sent! (and to the wrong person)

How can you make sure your employees use Teams in a safe, secure manner?

The best way to defend your business is with fundamental and enhanced cyber security training for all workers from all levels, from beginners to leadership.

You must take all necessary measures to secure your company's extremely delicate data. You never know when confidential employee’s info might get leaked outside of the business, and it may cost you a tremendous amount of money as well as suffering a legal backlash. Just imagine how terrible things could get should sensitive data be illegitimately sold or shared.

Although a software service like Microsoft Teams can be trusted, it's still based on the people utilising it and the devices its installed on.

For help setting up cybersecurity training, or having good protection against hackers installed, call today.

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