Are you using a malicious browser extension?

Are you using a malicious browser extension?

There is a vast selection of browser extensions available to enhance our browsing experience, boost productivity and personalize our online activities. While many of these extensions are helpful, some have a sinister intent.

If you unwittingly install a malicious browser extension, it could significantly harm your productivity and disrupt your work with an influx of unwanted advertisements. These extensions are known as adware, which is a form of malware that inundates you with unwanted ads.

In addition to this, adware can modify your search engine and redirect you to affiliate pages while you're making purchases. These activities enable the creators of the extension to generate revenue.

A recent cybersecurity company report revealed that more than 4 million customers have been attacked by adware concealed in browser extensions over the past few years. Many victims were not even aware that they were under attack. The situation can be worse when these malicious extensions carry actual malware, which can infect your computer and steal sensitive information such as logins and payment details. Malware can also spread throughout the entire network.

To safeguard your business and its data from the risk of malicious browser extensions, it is crucial to download them only from reliable and trusted sources. Check reviews and ratings carefully, and be wary of browser extensions that appear too good to be true. As the business owner, you may also want to consider controlling which extensions can be installed by your team. We can assist you with this, as well as offering up-to-date software protection and engaging security training for your team.

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