Are Your Employees Shopping on Company Time

Are Your Employees Shopping on Company Time

About 50% of social media users admitted falling for scams when shopping online. So if you want to prevent members of your team taking advantage of an employer-owned server to get their last-minute shopping spree online, remember to secure your server from fraud.

New research indicates that a substantial number of people looking up information on discount deals online. Instead of finding such bargains, people often end up divulging financial and personal details to hackers.

This may mean that their loss of data is as serious as losing their own funds and the device itself.

Not just online shopping sites are defrauding people on the internet. Phishing links have fooled over three dozen people from providing confidential details online. Phishing is when you receive an email that appears to be from someone you know or a company you trust.

Credit card fraud can occur in which criminals deceive victims by advancing their trust in them and convincing them to purchase gift cards or online vouchers.

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If an employee clicks on a malicious link or downloads an infected file using their office computer, the consequences for the company can be disastrous. The damage it causes is data loss and reputation—it might even cost the business to shut down until things return to normal.

How can you stay protected against this type of scam at this moment and throughout the next year?

You should continue to provide proper cyber-security education for the people on your staff, including having adequate cyber-security systems and tools like firewalls, antivirus programs, and s strong password management. It is important that you have a consistent line of defense, which is provided by a well-trained team of employees.

Encourage them to be aware of the current scams, and to tell them what red flags to watch for. Advise everyone who comes across suspicious links to examine them thoroughly.

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