Artificial Intelligence Raises the Danger of Phishing Scams

Artificial Intelligence Raises the Danger of Phishing Scams

Cyber attacks are worse. Artificial Intelligence Raises the Danger of Phishing Scams. Learn to stay safe online with our protection tips.

The world has been captivated by AI chatbots in recent months, and we are no exception. It has been an enjoyable experience to ask ChatGPT a range of questions, explore its capabilities, and even prompt it to tell us some jokes.

Due to the fact that while many people have been having fun, cybercriminals have been progressing and discovering ways to use AI for even more sinister purposes.

AI is making their phishing schemes harder to detect, and that's why they're more connected.

We have always advised people to proceed with precaution with respect to email messages. Make sure that you check them out carefully for discrepancies or spelling mistakes. Make sure that you only click on links from trusted sources before providing any personal information.

And that recommendation is still highly beneficial.

Watch our video below.

Despite the fact that chatbot-generated emails appear more authentic than ever before, they still pose a significant risk of deceiving users. As a result, we must exercise greater caution.

Sophisticated Thieves are utilizing AI to enhance the presentation of their phishing schemes. They are leveraging it to generate diverse strings of text for their attempts, create typo corrections, and establish intricate email threads.

Although there are security programs being developed to monitor AI-generated communication, they are not yet suitable for public use and are still a considerable distance away from being implemented worldwide.

Make sure you verify the identity of anyone who sends you emails, especially those who you don't expect. Check out the email's address, and double-check this with the sender (not by opening the email and responding!), if you have any doubts.

If you require additional guidance or training for your team regarding phishing scams, please don't hesitate to Contact the CT Cyber Security Experts.

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Last Updated: 14/03/2023
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Author: Dennis Jones | CT Business Solutions

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