Be Aware of Juice Jacking when Charging in Public Areas

Be Aware of Juice Jacking when Charging in Public Areas

Public charging points are readily available at airports, hotels, cafés, and even shopping centers, allowing you to conveniently recharge your phone or laptop battery while on the move.

After the FBI issued a warning on social media advising against their use, USB ports have gained significant attention. Criminals have discovered techniques to exploit these ports, enabling them to install malware and monitoring software onto devices while they are being charged.

Previously considered more theoretical than practical, the security threat known as "juice jacking" has become increasingly significant due to the availability of smaller, cheaper, and more user-friendly attack tools. As a result, even less sophisticated criminals are now engaging in such activities.

How Does It Actually Work?

The widely used charging cables, such as USB-C and Lightning, serve a dual-purpose function. They incorporate pins that facilitate both charging and data transfer.

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During the charging process, only the charging pins of your device are utilised. However, if the charging port has been compromised or if someone has left behind a cable, it is possible for both the charging pins and data pins to be utilised without your knowledge.

By exploiting the data pins, criminals can implant malware onto your device, granting them unauthorised access to your sensitive credentials and other data. This situation can be likened to connecting your phone to someone else's laptop, making it susceptible to unauthorised infiltration.

To minimise the potential risk, the most effective solution is to consistently carry your own charger and cable, which can be plugged into a power outlet. In situations where using a public USB port becomes unavoidable, it is advisable to invest in a USB data blocker. This device helps prevent data transfer while still enabling device charging.

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