Cyber security mistakes businesses make

Cyber security mistakes businesses make

  1. In today's business environment, cyber security is more important than ever. However, many businesses make cyber security mistakes that could adversley affect their businesses.

  2. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not having strong enough passwords. A weak password can be easily guessed or cracked, giving hackers access to your systems and data.

  3. Another mistake businesses make is not keeping their software up to date. Outdated software can contain security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

  4. Many businesses do not properly train their employees on cyber security best practices. This can lead to employees inadvertently making mistakes that put the company at risk.

  5. By taking steps to avoid these common mistakes, businesses can make themselves much more cyber secure and less likely to be the victim of an attack.

These three mistakes are often made by businesses, and they are also among the most harmful.

Does your business make any of these?

Mistake 1. Not limiting access

Whether employees are required to see a particular file, or an application will differ from employee to employee. If you make all your employees access everything, it increases the risks of your IT infrastructure becoming vulnerable to a cyberattack.

When an employee transfers or quits, make sure to change access privileges accordingly.

Mistake 2. Allowing lateral movement

If a computer on your admin team's area is hacked, it may not be of much concern.

But even if they could transfer information from your admin system to your invoicing system to your CRM and onto another person's email account, what would happen?

This is sometimes referred to as lateral movement. Criminals access one system and channel themselves into more sensitive systems.

If they can extract someone's email that's registered as having administrative access to other services or their enterprise bank account, they can begin resetting login details and locking out others.

This is alarming.

You can use gapping as a method to combat this issue. It suggests that there's no direct connection from one part of your network to another.

Mistake 3. Not planning and protecting

Businesses that stay in close contact with the IT partner will be less at risk.

They'll be able to use the situation to make ends meet more quickly if the worst happens.

You should be ready ahead of time so that you're able to respond to an event that's likely to happen.

This will make it easier to respond to a recent security threat in a timely way. As a result, you'll minimize your data loss and the expense of fixing it.

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If you know you are likely to be making one of these cyber security mistakes in your business, it's vital that you react swiftly. We can help, talk to us about your current security measures

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Last Updated: 21/03/2023
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