Cyber Security Updates April 2023

Cyber Security Updates April 2023

April 2023's latest cyber security updates.

Today we talk about the Goldson malware issue on Google's play store and the fallout from the Latitude financial breach.

Beware! 60 Google Play Apps with 100M Installs Infected by Android Malware.

Recently discovered by McAfee's research team and named Goldson, this malicious malware steals data on installed apps, devices, and GPS locations while committing ad fraud in the background.

Some of the Infected Apps Are:
- L.POINT with L.PAY - 10 million downloads
- Swipe Brick Breaker - 10 million downloads
- Money Manager Expense & Budget - 10 million downloads
- GOM Player - 5 million downloads
- LIVE Score, Real-Time Score - 5 million downloads
- Pikicast - 5 million downloads
- Compass 9: Smart Compass - 1 million downloads
- GOM Audio - Music, Sync lyrics - 1 million downloads
- LOTTE WORLD Magicpass - 1 million downloads
- Bounce Brick Breaker - 1 million downloads
- Infinite Slice - 1 million downloads
- SomNote - Beautiful note app - 1 million downloads
- Korea Subway Info: Metroid - 1 million downloads

Our Advice: Stay vigilant against common indicators of adware and malware, such as unusual device behavior, and protect your device from potential threats!"
Our Partner Sophos, provides free Intercept X for mobile (both Android and IOS) | Follow this Link.

Fallout from the Latitude Financial Hack continues.

The hack which released 14.4 million personal records of Australian and New Zealand customers to the dark web continues with Australian supermarket giant Coles now being informed that historical customers credit card details were stolen in the latitude data breach.

Latitude is (or should I say was?) a company that provided personal finance to customers in New Zealand and Australia. Typically Car Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards and Insurance. They are mostly known for interest-free credit cards for buy now pay later options with leading retailers.

As proof of identity for these services provided (and compliance with Anti Money Laundering rules) latitude required customers to provide images of driving licenses and passports together with the customers own image. Of course this sort of detail is pure gold for a hacker. Latitude operates Genopay and Gem Visa and works with Kiwibank and intial reports stated that just over 2000 Kiwibank customers had their data stolen.

Our Advice: Stay vigilant for Email phishing attacks and scam attempts. Setup multi-factor authenication on all accounts that you use over the internet. Not just banks, but everywhere you can. Check your email for a breach regularly. Our free breach check tool is below.

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