Cyberattacks are Worse and More Sophisticated. Are you at Risk?

Cyberattacks are Worse and More Sophisticated. Are you at Risk?

Cyberattacks are worse: Have you ever attempted to book tickets for a massive event and experienced the ticketing website crashing due to the high volume of people making reservations simultaneously?
The ticket site may experience occasional crashes as a result of an overwhelming amount of traffic.
Criminal Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks use the same concept.
The objective of a DDoS attack is to cause a company's Internet connection to fail by flooding it with an excessive amount of traffic, overwhelming it with visitors.

That may temporarily affect the business or its customers' ability to obtain services, which could result in a short-term malfunction, or it can be more serious. Last year, average DDoS attacks lasted at least 50 minutes.
Although the duration may not appear to be long, it can still result in customer dissatisfaction or disruption of business activities. These adverse effects can potentially cause significant financial losses for your company.
Unfortunately, the most concerning aspect is that DDoS attacks are continuously growing more intense, frequent, and intense.

The largest ever reported DDoS attack was reportedly prevented recently. At its peak, the attack sent 71 million requests per second to the target servers, surpassing the previous record of 46 million requests per second for the biggest reported incident.
With increasing crime rates, a growing number of businesses are reporting being attacked by DDoS attacks, in which perpetrators are asking enormous ransoms to prevent the attack.

What implications does this have for you?

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As cyberattacks are worse, It is crucial to prioritise a comprehensive review and enhancement of all security measures, including your firewall's ability to defend against DDoS attacks. Furthermore, it is essential to educate your staff on the importance of maintaining a vigilant mindset and security!

Contact the Cyber Team at CTS, and our team of security consultants will ensure the safety of your business.

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Last Updated: 14/03/2023
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