Google Chrome to Block Pesky Notifications

Google Chrome to Block Pesky Notifications

When surfing the web, does it feel as if you're consistently bombarded by content designed to appeal to you?

Not only that we have to click on permissions for cookies and tracking, but now websites are constantly asking us for permission to send us notifications.

Many of these notifications are sent from companies or brands so that users may receive help from their latest news, product releases, videos or events. A few of these notifications are a nuisance, but the damage they could cause (for example, virus infection or malware) is very minor.

It distracts us, undermines our productivity at our job, and it also makes us less productive.

It's referred to as email junk and it's becoming an issue. In fact, Google says it is one of the most reported complaints by people using Google Chrome.

The tech giant is currently doing something about it.

In October 2020, Google first revealed that it acted to curb malicious notification feedback by alerting users to the website's suspicious element, and it followed up with its own prompts beforehand.

Taking things, a step further if a website is considered an abusive or disruptive resource, Google will restrict permission to request requests from it.

Even if a malicious site has inadvertently created notifications, Chrome will protect you by preventing those notifications.

But it is not clear yet what criteria Google will use to decide that a site is abusive or disruptive. We are still waiting on more information regarding this from Google Chrome. We have been told that they are working on it and that they should have more information soon. In the meantime.
Google has acknowledged that this newly implemented feature is intended to enforce its policy of not using the Google API to send out pledges from developers of not being related to any type of spam. It should only weaken spam notifications in Chrome for a significant share of sites.

We are awaiting confirmation of when this new feature will be released from Google only as development has only just begun, but we still are hopeful an official release date will be announced soon!
If you need help in any way regarding maintaining your firm safe from productivity killers and spam, be sure to get in touch with us.

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