How to Setup Video Conferencing: Your Complete Guide

How to Setup Video Conferencing: Your Complete Guide

Connect with Anyone Anywhere: How to Setup Video Conferencing

Step 1: Identify your Video Conferencing needs.
- Is it just you wanting to talk with a client, supplier, trainer or another team member from your desktop or laptop?
- Do you want to host a video conference with multiple participants? Also how many participants would you envisage?
- Do you want to do this from a proper video conferencing room in your business and does that room need to be huddle size or bigger?

Step 2: Choose your Video Conferencing software.
- There are many options available, common and well known names are Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Skype may still be a name in many minds but this has been officially retired and replaced with Microsoft Teams.
- If you have a VOIP phone system, then many of these systems also have Video Conferencing capabilities.
- Many firms these days, will be using either Microsoft 365 Software or Google Workspace for their everyday office use. As such they already have video conferencing applications on hand at no extra cost which is a great benefit.

Step 3: Choose your equipment for Video Conferencing:
- Your answers to Step 1 will have an influence on this decision.
- Can you just run the conference from your desktop or laptop?
- Noisy environment. Do you need noise cancelling headphones to reduce background noise?
- Will you need to setup a proper conference room with camera's , large screens, microphones and speakers etc?
- How big does this huddle or conference room need to be?

Step 4: Other considerations:
- Do you have a decent reliable internet connection? Fibre is best.
- If you are on a laptop or desktop in a solo situation then, are you on Wireless or Ethernet?. Both might work, however ethernet always slays wireless in terms of performance and reliability.
- Remember all those people with poor connections during the Covid lockdowns. This was mostly due to poor Internet and home Wi-Fi.
- Be aware of Participation Limits | Google Meet 100, Microsoft Teams 1000, Zoom 100 (free or pro version) 300 (business version)
- Hardware limits | In terms of the machine you expect to run the conference from, what it's connected to (screens speakers, cameras etc.) room size, and how many participants, will affect the performance. Needless to say don't skimp on hardware specs. There are specific presentation systems available. Talk to us for advice.
- The "Nobody Nose" factor. This is a common problem when presenting from a laptop on your desk. It refers to the awkward and unprofessional view that your participants get of your nostrils. To avoid this problem it's important to adjust the postion of your laptop. Use a laptop stand that elevates your laptop to eye level, or use an external webcam that allows you to position it at a more suitable angle, ensuring that your participants see you at a more flattering angle.

In conclusion:
Setting up a video conferencing system requires the right equipment, preferably a dedicated room, and a reliable software platform.

CT's Blatant Plug.
- We have supported many customers with setting up their Video Conferencing Systems. Both prior to, and during the recent covid lockdowns.
- We sell Video Conferencing Equipment. Brands such as Fanvil, Grandstream, Jabra, Logitech, Microsoft, Poly and Yealink (to name but a few).
- We are cetified partners for both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace both of which have built-in Video Conferencing software. We sell these services to business clients at the same price you would buy from Google or Microsoft directly.
- We also have access as partners to the Zoom product range at the same pricing you would get dealing with Zoom directly.
- We have competent associates accross all of New Zealand, Australia and many International main centres. Maybe you would want to setup a conference room in both Auckland and Christchurch, or Sydney and Wellington etc. We can help.
- Our advantage is that we are your one-stop shop that provides ongoing English language support for video conferencing systems that we supply.

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