Is your Zoom download safe or bogus and full of malware

Is your Zoom download safe or bogus and full of malware

When you consider tools for working remotely Zoom is probably one of the first applications you would think of.

Cyber thieves have taken advantage of the fact that the popularity of Zoom technology has opened many avenues for them to breach your sensitive data.

Researchers have discovered 6 credible-looking download sites. They might not be legitimate. They're designed to tempt you into downloading FAKE Zoom software, which is often loaded with malware (malicious software) and this leads to theft of your information.

It is possible that your private info, passwords, and browser history could be accessed accidentally if you seek out a Zoom update on a site that bears resemblance to the real Zoom. You could possibly also endanger your bank information and passwords in this way.

Cyber thieves may also be able to extract your multifactor authentication details. As a result, thieves will then have access to your most sensitive data.

These stealers are available on the dark web for cybercriminals to find. Then they can use this information to commit fraud and steal financial resources from your business or organisation.

If your network is compromised by a hacker, everything you previously stored is available for purchase. In extreme cases, this can leave you vulnerable to ransomware attacks, or your data could be stolen.

While this misinformation can be deceptive, take these precautionary measures so you don't fall for a fake site.

Before you even think about downloading an application (or any application), double-check the link you clicked first, to be sure it's the one you're expecting. If you got the link through an email, make sure it's not from someone attempting to fool you.

Watch the rest of the page for any false information, like a misspelled word or awkward layout.

Make your antivirus software is active and up-to-date and always scan for threats and suspicious applications.

Roll out a plan of action to implement this advice throughout your company.

If you're having trouble with your cyber security position, please seek advice from us to address your issue.

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