Keep Your Remote Workers Safe

Keep Your Remote Workers Safe

As the coronavirus madness continues to spread globally, many organisations are instituting mandatory remote work policies. While many companies may find remote work new and challenging, for MSPs (Managed service providers) like CT Business Solutions, remote work is an everyday part of our business.

Until this pandemic passes, we may have to weather a short term remote work environment. What employers cannot do is accept security and best practices to be compromised during this difficult time.

Remote workers are notoriously vulnerable to cyber-security threats. Often this is a result of not taking cyber security seriously. In a recent Cisco survey it was found that 55% of remote workers surveyed were more negligent about cybersecurity.

From an IT Security perspective. Here is a checklist of some of the things you as a business owner or manager need to consider:

Is remote access to your company data controlled by a secure gateway or firewall?
Are your remote workers using a VPN to connect or are they using the highly insecure Windows Remote Desktop Protocol?
Is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA, 2FA etc) being used wherever possible?
Is your remote worker's computer a company controlled piece of equipment? or is it something the kids were playing games on last night?
In either case of above (hopefully not the kids games machine), do you have a system in place to ensure operating system patches are up to date and endpoint antivirus is enforced.
If your remote worker is connecting over WiFi is the connection secure? and are strong passwords in place?
Is your company email system using a higher level of email filtering than that offered in the standard Office 365 or G-Suite systems?
Do you have a robust backup system to recover from in case a remote worker does bring a ransomware infection to your business?
Are your remote workers trained in basic cyber security hygiene?

The paid ad - CT Business Solutions are able to help your business with setting up proper infrastructure so that your remote workers are protected and your valuable business data is safe. Thought.. Maybe its time to consider a Virtual Desktop Environment (VDI) in the cloud. We have several clients already using this and can help with that too.

Last updated: 13/03/2020

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