Make sure your cloud server is protected from this

Make sure your cloud server is protected from this

Using a cloud server to drive your business’s technologies is a clever idea.

The benefits of cloud services can be extensive.

  • You can use as little or as much storage as your business needs, without having to worry about capacity limitations or huge, unexpected server hardware bills. Great for growing businesses.
  • Your team can access your business’s data anywhere. Cloud servers were created for the modern workplace we have today.
  • You don’t need to use valuable office real estate to house servers and other related server equipment.
  • Cloud computing is also more environmentally friendly due to the shared nature of resource capacity. It is said that “on average” customers consume 77% fewer servers, 84% less energy, and 88% less carbon emissions by using cloud servers.

      • Recent reports indicate that cloud servers are increasingly being used as the entry point for cyber-criminals to launch their mayhem.
      • A huge 41% of organisations that have been hacked revealed their cloud server was how the cybercriminals got in.
      • Alarmingly, this figure is increasing by 10% annually.

      • Why? Often, it’s because firms don’t invest as much into the protection of their cloud services as they ought to.

        In technology as in life, you do get what you pay for. Several of the free cloud servers offered don’t provide similar levels of security and encryption that paid-for services do. Typically, they are also less reliable as well.

        It’s very important that your business does full analysis when selecting a cloud server to make sure it meets all your business needs and is as secure as is possible.

        Better still, ask a professional to do this research for your business (we can help).

        Additionally we suggest a few commonplace security measures are always followed.

        1) Deploy a password manager to your team to encourage them to generate separate long random passwords for each login they need.
        The beauty of password managers is they will remember these passwords and autofill the login boxes. This results in far better security and greater convenience in one package.

        2) You must also provide regular cyber-security training for everyone in your business. According to a Verizon 2022 data breach report, 82% of all data breaches featured a human element.
        The first element of cyber defence in your business needs to be a human asking themselves “wait, does this look right?”
        It’s now impossible to prevent 100% of cyber-attacks. However, if you take all the right steps to keep your business secure your chances of suffering a successful attack reduce dramatically.

        If you’d like to facilitate selecting the best cloud server for your business, we are able to advise you – get in touch.

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