Making Teams meetings more fun with avatars

Making Teams meetings more fun with avatars

Do you groan inwardly (or outwardly) at the very thought of another video call or meeting?
Even though, these calls and meetings have become a common part of the modern workplace, it does not make them any more exciting.
Wonderful news: Microsoft is announcing the introduction of Metaverse-style avatars, known as Mesh avatars, to Microsoft Teams.
You can select your own avatar's appearance, accessories, and even gestures involved in its reaction.
Microsoft reports that it is aware of a growing tendency to feel exhausted and stressed after hours of camera time. As a result, they say utilizing these meta-style avatars to reduce tensions and stress is merely one of the practical applications of how these new avatars can help.

Even better, you won't need to purchase an expensive virtual reality headset. All you will need is the Avatars app that you can download in the Microsoft Teams App Store.
Big tech is spending tons of money developing the Metaverse, a virtual 3D world that is designed to look just like the real one. In the Metaverse, you will come across many recognisable places to browse. Some think the Metaverse will one day develop into “the new internet”.
Given it was only 20 years ago when it was almost impossible make an inexpensive video call to another part of the world it is difficult to imagine the new virtual world that the Metaverse promises.
Times are a changing and it is really interesting and exciting.
The avatar feature is in the Teams preview build now, but it won't be universally available until Microsoft make the general release date known.
Would you like your team to use mesh avatars to make Microsoft Teams more fun? Would you like to find more ways to inspire your team? We can help. Get in touch to discover more .

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