Maximizing Cyber Security: Don't Forget Your Phone!

Maximizing Cyber Security: Don't Forget Your Phone!

Maximizing Cyber Security: Our cell phones hold a treasure of private information. Just consider how your financial accounts info, private messages, banking software, photos, and contact information are all invisible behind the small display screen.

If your office staff uses company phones for work, they have secure access to a range of company systems and personnel rosters. Consequently, their phones can become an opportunity for which hackers could infiltrate your company's entire defenses.

Being robbed or pickpocketed socially may increase your exposure to additional cyber threats.

As cyber criminals have shifted their attention towards mobile phones and consider them as a significant target, alongside servers, networks, and other technological resources due to the valuable information they hold, its important that this often unfettered access be stopped.

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So, if you're issuing company cellphones, or your employees use their own, make sure all team members follow some security precautions.

You must make sure that your people set up a PIN and biometric logins such as a fingerprint or face and voice recognition before they can use the device.
When installing programs, be sure to use only trusted sources to ensure the apps you install are legitimate.

Multi-Factor Authentication should be enabled even for applications that contain even a minimal amount of sensitive information.

Exercise caution when connecting to Wi-Fi, if you use Wi-Fi either at home or in public areas, it would be appropriate to use a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, for extra security. So taking additional precautions is necessary.

Always make sure that your mobile phone is using the latest operating software, and keep all apps up to date to prevent potential malfunctions and ensure optimal performance.

Ever since smartphones have significantly altered our lives, both in personal and professional settings. However, they can also have a significant negative impact at work, which could result in costly consequences.

If you require assistance in maximizing cyber security of smartphones, or any other IT devices please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Last Updated: 14/03/2023
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