Phishing Scammers Leverage AI to Trick Victims

Phishing Scammers Leverage AI to Trick Victims

Find out how phishing scammers are using Artificial Intelligence to trick victims & what to do to protect your data & your company!

Among the cool aspects of the newest wave of Artificial Intelligence technology is its capacity to mimic human speech to great extent.

With an artificial intelligence tool, chatbots can automatically produce text you know nothing about. Their speed of creation can be remarkable, and minimal user input is required.

Cybercrime experts have leveraged AI bots in an attempt to simplify their own work.

Authorities have identified three techniques as the most effective ways for criminals to take advantage of chatbots.

⦁ Better phishing emails that improve bogus emails.

Many phishing emails' poor spelling and grammar make it very easy to catch their fake content. These emails are meant to con you into clicking on a URL to download malware or obtain sensitive information. AI-written text is harder to spot because it does not contain as many spelling and grammatical errors.

Phishers can create each email they send as unique as possible, which makes it even more difficult for spam filters to distinguish risky content from safe content.

⦁ Portraying misinformation as truth.

"Compose ten social media posts accusing the CEO of the Acme Corporation of having an affair. Mention the following media sources”. Generating misinformation and lack of integrity may seem harmless to you, Generating misinformation and lack of integrity may seem harmless to you, but it could cause your staff to fall for scams, click on malware links, or cause damaging effects on your reputation.

⦁ Malicious code creation

Artificial intelligence is already capable of writing code and getting better every day. Criminals can take advantage of this capacity to construct malware.

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Whether it's the fault of the software or whether the software just does what it's told, until an effective method of protection can be produced, it's still a potential danger.

Artificial intelligence (AI) developers aren't the ones responsible for criminals taking advantage of the powerful tools they've developed. ChatGPT founder OpenAI, for instance, is working to make sure its tools aren't misused.

Our desire is to demonstrate the need to stay ahead of hackers in everything that we do. It is for this reason that we work harder with our clients to keep them safe from cyber-criminal threats and provide them with the necessary knowledge to prevent new threats.

Be vigilant about training your teams on how to spot scams and their warning signs. Convince them to avoid being tricked by the rising danger of advanced scams where scammers leverage AI.

You can contact us if you need any help.

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