Simplified Multi-Factor Authentication with Microsoft 365

Simplified Multi-Factor Authentication with Microsoft 365

Microsoft plans to integrate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) directly into its Outlook app for the majority of 365 business users.

In these days of ever increasing cyber-crime MFA is an essential tool to use for securing your online accounts from hackers. It generates a secondary password for you each time you log into an account and sends it to a third party app. It generally requires a downloaded and installed authenticator app on your mobile device that you activate first.

Access codes are commonly sent through SMS text messages or phone calls, and sometimes a unique USB drive may be provided for you to insert into your computer.

Utilising a biometric login such as fingerprint or face ID can expedite the process. Although it may seem like a small inconvenience, the added security provided by this multi-factor authentication method is worth the extra time required to access your account.

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Although uncertain about the added time required for multi-factor authentication, Microsoft is committed to reducing it whenever possible. Thus, the company is currently seeking to simplify MFA for Microsoft 365 business accounts.

Microsoft is adding a new MFA feature to the Outlook app that is called Authenticator Lite. At the moment, it relies on a separate authenticator app or sending codes to enter.

As of now, there is no information available for individuals seeking quicker authentication on their personal computers. However, if Microsoft reveals any plans to extend this feature to additional hardware or operating systems, we will keep you informed.

If your company doesn't use Multi-factor Authentication, we highly recommend that you implement this security measure ASAP. This added security will go a long way toward preventing today's most demanding online threats.

If you're interested in Microsoft 365 and implementing Multi-Factor authentication, feel free to contact us today for further details about 365 and MFA.

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