The Current State of Ransomware

The Current State of Ransomware

Attacks are up. Payments are down.

Attacks - The Bad News

  • Reports from Infosec Security magazine indicate that European small and midsized businesses paid out almost $100 Million last year to recover files encrypted by ransomware.

  • Respected anti malware vendor MalwareBytes tracked a 90% increase in the number of detected ransomware attacks.

  • The SophosLabs 2018 Malware forecast concludes "it’s a fair bet that Android and Windows will continue to
    be heavily targeted with ransomware and other malware, given the success attackers have had thus far" Sophos Forecast (pdf)

  • Payments - The Good News

    • According to Datto (one of our backup suppliers) more companies are reporting attacks and fewer are paying ransoms.

    • Datto reports that 4.5 percent of European SMBs were victims of malware between 2016 and 2017. 21 percent of the victims opted to pay the ransom in 2017. Of those victims who paid 18 percent didn't get their data back!

      Update 28/04/2018
      Here is a link to an article by the same author on the Computer Troubleshooters New Zealand website, with guidelines on how to decrypt data that may have been locked up by Ransomware.

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      Link: Ransomware protection tips on the Cloudwards Site

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