The Trouble With Office 365

The Trouble With Office 365

These days small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly moving their critical data to the cloud via Microsoft Office 365. While Microsoft focuses on keeping data available, they simply don’t offer the same level of service when it comes to data recoverability. Many companies assume that the provider takes responsibility for the data in the cloud. But they don't and that misconception can leave critical data at risk.

Just some of the challenges include:

  • Office 365 allows employees to work anywhere and on any device. While this is very convenient it also represents a threat to the commany's data.
  • Coverage gaps: Microsoft Office 365 was never meant to be a backup solution. As a result, you may end up losing important data that wasn’t backed up.
  • Whilst we love Microsoft dearly, dealing with Microsoft to recover lost data can be somewhat time consuming and frustrating (as is common with very large corporations).
  • Security issues: No service is immune to security threats, not even Microsoft. Office 365 is not immune to a ransomware attack. (Witness the massive Cerber ransomware attack of June 2016). Having an independent backup gives you much-needed insurance and "Peace of Mind".
  • Accidental deletion: Users may accidentally delete their own data. Without a good backup, you may be unable to recover fully...

What can you do about backing up your Office 365 Data?

CT Business Solutions offer a 3rd party Saas (Software as a Service) backup solution especially built for Office 365 and the likes of competing products like Google's G-Suite and
You can purchase this solution from us for a low monthly fee. As a MSP (Managed Service Provider) we monitor daily reports provided by the service. Our trained eyes look after your backup for you so that you can have true "Peace of Mind" about the state of your valuable data.

Contact us now at the details given in the footer below so that we can get your business sorted.

Last updated: 26 Feb 2020

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