Under pressure to take urgent action? Stop and think

Under pressure to take urgent action? Stop and think

Currently, phishing scams pose a significant security threat to businesses.

According to a recent study, a substantial 83% of organizations reported successful attacks in the past year. Additionally, since nearly one-third of phishing emails are opened, there is a high probability that someone within your company may fall prey to these scams.

To make matters worse, cybercriminals have adopted a new tactic from ransomware groups that aims to induce panic and elicit login credentials.

This novel form of phishing attack commences like the traditional ones. An email informs you of suspicious account activity, such as someone attempting to log in from a different location or device, which has been prevented.

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The danger of this phishing attack is further compounded by the appearance of a countdown timer on the screen. Typically set to one hour, you're asked to verify your email address and password before the timer runs out, or your account will be deleted. This tactic is designed to manipulate and scare you into immediate action without thinking things through.

In reality, nothing will happen when the countdown hits zero, but watching the seconds tick away can make you feel pressured and forget to verify the email's authenticity.

The website where you enter your details is fake, and once the cybercriminals get your login credentials, they can gain access to your real account. This leaves your business vulnerable to data theft, financial loss, malware, and puts other accounts at risk if you've reused your password. To compound matters, your login details may even be sold on the dark web, giving other cybercriminals the opportunity to hack into your account.

To protect yourself and your team from phishing scams, always verify the sender's email address and ensure that links are legitimate by hovering over them to check the website's address. If you suspect that you have fallen for a scam, change your login details immediately by typing the website address in your browser instead of clicking on links in emails.

It's also advisable to use a password manager that generates random, strong, and impossible-to-guess passwords for every account you have. This software can save your passwords and automatically fill in login boxes while detecting fake phishing pages.

Please distribute this article to your entire team without delay. Additionally, if anyone ever encounters a link that they are uncertain about, please consult with us to ensure the safety of your business.

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