VPNfilter Botnet Attacks Common Routers

VPNfilter Botnet Attacks Common Routers

25/05/2018; At least half a million common routers and storage devices in dozens of countries around the world have been infected by a sophisticated botnet, in preparation for an alleged planned cyber attack on Ukraine.

So, should you be concerned if you aren’t based in Ukraine? Well, of course you should!

Even if you aren’t in imminent danger of being targeted by the botnet itself, you certainly don’t want to be part of the problem. Everybody who is on the internet should play their part in ensuring that the internet stays as safe as possible – and that means not contributing to the problem.

If you have a Linksys, Mikrotek, TP-Link or Netgear Router, or a QNAP NAS device then be aware. For a list of affected model numbers please follow the link below.

Update, 08/08/2022:
Most brands of Internet connected devices (Modems, Routers, Security Cameras, Network Storage etc.) remain heavily targeted, as once hacked they can easily be enrolled in a botnet. The current war in the Ukraine has served to step up this level of cyber attacks by some 390%, with nation states sponsoring massive teams of hackers to disrupt your and everybody else's business.

- Always keep your Internet connected device's firmware up to date. It's a good idea to do this at least monthly.
- Never leave a device using the default password. Manufacturers only enable this so the device can be installed by a novice easily. It is your responsibility to change this after you have set the device up.

Link: Read more.. Graham Cluley's Article on Tripwire

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