Watch out for Bot Malware Growing Threat

Watch out for Bot Malware Growing Threat

Mentioning bot malware might make you think of the impressive chatbots powered by artificial intelligence that have been receiving a lot of media attention recently.

Sadly, this doesn't make for an exciting news story. Bots are automated programs, and bot malware poses a security threat you should consider.

Malware bots are especially risky because they steal comprehensive user profiles that convey a complete picture of your ID, PIN, and other details. This potentially makes it easy for attackers to bypass strong security measures like multiple-factor authentication (MFA).

Typically, suppose an individual is attempting to find your usernames and passwords. In that case, it indicates that they haven't yet gained access to your account since they don't have access to your multifactor authentication system. However, they can bypass security measures and disable multifactor authentication by using your cookies and device settings.

Profile information that has been stolen is sold for as little as 5 dollars exclusively on the dark web.

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This tactic isn't limited to sophisticated criminals; anyone can obtain your name and use it to launch personal attacks, commit cybercrimes, and perpetrate other offences.

In 2018, 26.6 million accounts with usernames and passwords have been stolen, affecting 5 million individuals. The compromised data include access to Microsoft, Google, and Facebook accounts.

Now is the time to begin protecting your business from bot threats.

IT specialists who are concerned about online security recognize that there are crucial steps you can take at present to safeguard yourself and your company's data.

  • Don't forget to update your antivirus software routinely.

  • Using a password manager and Multi-Factor Authentication will keep your online accounts safe and secure.

  • Additionally, consider encrypting your files so that, in the event, someone gains access to your profile, there is minimal information available for theft.

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