Who Will Lead Office Collaboration: Zoom or Teams

Who Will Lead Office Collaboration: Zoom or Teams

We think Zoom or Teams; we think video calls. Millions of people worldwide use the software to remain in contact with one another, and it is a tool that companies use each day at work.

But when it comes to productivity, cooperation and workplace integration as well as video conferencing, Microsoft Teams is taking the lead. Its tight integration with Microsoft 365 services makes it easy to use.

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Zoom is planning to introduce a whole line of products and service to respond to the competition of Teams and Slack. Their intention is clearly to take on these rivals head-on.

These will include email, a calendar program, and Zoom Spots, a virtual co-working space. Meanwhile, a significant number of upgrades to Zoom One provide improved collaboration, maintaining the quality, and keep work projects moving.

It will be interesting to see how valued the new solutions by video conferencing company Zoom will be. And we want to make sure that the support, reliability and security are of high-quality before recommending it to clients.

Many businesses have adapted Microsoft Teams, which releases updates on a regular basis. This is an exciting new development that we're keeping an eye on.

To find out more about the best tools to keep your team working together smoothly, please get in touch.

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