Why You Should Use Windows Ransomware Protection

Why You Should Use Windows Ransomware Protection

Windows 10 already has ransomware protection built in to the Windows Defender application. Unfortunately in a standard Windows 10 Installation it is turned off by default.
Given the nature of Ransomware and the debilitating effect it can have on your business, it makes good sense to turn this feature on so that your business has added protection against the Cyber-Criminals.

Its easy - Here's how to set up Ransomware Protection:

1) Open the start menu and click on settings.
2) In the settings menu, go to; Update and Security ->> Windows Security ->> Virus and Threat Protection
3) Scroll down to Ransomware Protection and click Manage Ransomware Protection
4) In the next menu, enable Controlled Folder Access
5) By default, controlled folder access only protects certain folders. Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Desktop, Favourites. If you want you can add more folders by clicking Add a protected folder

Some Antivirus products, or Group Policy set by your IT Administrator will disable features of Windows Defender and you won't be able to do this. Generally that means that your AV product is managing ransomware protection.

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