Why you won't succeed with this Cloud9

Why you won't succeed with this Cloud9

Cloud9 Malware is a malicious browser extension that had recently (Nov 2022) been discovered in the wild. It targets popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox and allows an attacker to remotely access the user's browser.

We make sure that our clients stay safe online by trying to assist them from security threats, such as keyloggers that monitor your user info or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that overload a service with fraudulent traffic.

Our team is always available to assist our customers through software updates that they're required to set up.
Yet if you encounter a website that asks to install the Adobe Flash Player app, stay away!

Flash itself was discontinued in 2020 and is no longer supported. Therefore, any update prompts using Flash could be a security threat.

Fake Flash messages are being used as a cover for a new botnet campaign that installs a malicious browser extension, known as Cloud9. If you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you may be a target.

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Botnets are formed by a group of hacked devices that are controlled as a group, without the owners' knowledge, stealing sensitive information, sending spam, and performing DDoS attacks.

The Cloud9 malware can pose a threat to your computer or network if it's not stopped right away.

It is difficult to differentiate this attack because it appears to be a valid request, and many people can become a target.
However, there are several actions you can take to secure your business.

Clarify the actual threat. If people know what sorts of things to look out for, an update is less likely to be installed.
Make sure everyone running the latest version of their browser and antivirus software.

Enable Enhanced Security in your browser's Privacy and Security options. This will give you a notification if you come across a malicious website or download.

We can help protect your business from cloud9 and other cybercrime attacks. Just give us a call about protection from the likes of cloud9.

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