Advanced Email Protection

In the modern business landscape, the migration of IT services to the cloud is an ongoing trend. As a result, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have emerged as the go-to choices for many organisations when it comes to email systems. However, the popularity of these platforms has made them prime targets for cybercriminals. That's where our advanced email protection service comes in. Designed to complement the existing security measures of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, our solution offers an independent and sophisticated additional layer of defence. With our service, you can fortify your email system and stay one step ahead of cyber threats, ensuring the utmost security for your business communications.

There is nothing to install and is easy to deploy with just a simple change needed to your domain's DNS records. There is no email loss or downtime required during setup.

Powered by Artifical Intelligence (AI) the system provides Predictive Cloud Email Security to give you superior email protection for your Microsoft 365, Google Workspace (and other email systems).

Spam Control:

- Spam contributes to a loss of productivity and profit.
- Spam poses legal risks. An employers duty is to reduce stress in the workplace.
- Spam often contains malware links, and is a major distribution method for Ransomware.
- Our system checks the URL of any links in your email before delivery, and again when you click - blocking stealthy delayed attacks that other email security systems easily miss.

Disaster Recovery Spooling:

Business-critical emails are queued at our servers if your mail server is unavailable or out of action, thus eliminating mail bounces.
- Up to 5 days of email queuing
- Unlimited email data storage
- Quickly relays emails upon your mail server becoming available again.