Business Backup Solutions

Business owners know the importance of protecting their vital business data. What many don't realise is that (apart from a ransomware attack) the chances of a major disaster are often quite remote. The majority of data loss we see our clients experiencing, is usually the result of smaller localised problems, like accidental deletion of files and folders, caused by human error. Recovery is usually a matter of contacting us and our service desk will assist you with the restore.

The Scary side of data loss for business

  • Could your business stand a major equipment failure caused by a tree falling through the roof, a lightning strike, a plumbing or electrical disaster, or even theft?

  • Could your business survive a Ransomware attack where all your data files are encrypted and totally unusable until you either pay the ransom or recover from your latest backup?

  • Could your business survive an accidental or malicious deletion of vital files by an employee?

At CT Business Solutions we have seen many such data losses over the past 20+ years. The more tragic losses are where there has been no recent backup to recover from.

Every business has different requirements for its backup. As a general rule, your requirements for speed of recovery, and the volume of your business data determines the cost of providing the backup and disaster recovery solution that we will tailor for your business needs.

All CT Business Solution's business backup services are monitored daily by our trained staff to ensure that your most recent data backup will be available when disaster strikes.

Talk to us to make sure your business thrives no matter what comes your way. Let us protect your company against the disasters that can literally put you out of business. For total "peace of mind", your business must have a proper business grade monitored data backup that both incorporates secure offsite backup storage, and a properly documented recovery plan.

Typical Business Backup Solutions:

Smaller Businesses.

  • Budget Solution:We install the CT Backup Agent on the computer(s) that need backing up. we setup a "File copy" style of backup, scheduled to run daily (more often if required) to a secure offsite backup storage location. CT Staff will then monitor the backup each business day to ensure ongoing compliance. Data restores are managed by CT staff free of charge. Indicative Pricing = $1 per day ($30 per month)plus the initial setup cost.
  • Ideal Solution: As above with the addition of a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. The CT backup agent is configured to run the backup to both the NAS and the Online service. This method gives the true "Best Practice" of Grandfather, Father, Son (Source, NAS, Online) backup. This method enable more depth and security for the business's data. - Indicative Price = $1 per day ($30 per month) + the one-off cost of a suitable NAS device (circa $995 for a business grade 2TB capacity appliance)
  • Alternative Cloud Solution: This assumes the business is subscribed to Microsoft Office 365. We migrate your business data to Microsoft SharePoint and deploy the CT Office 365 backup solution. Cost's are about the same as the above Budget solution but there would be a one-off cost for the migration of Desktop(s) data to the Microsoft Cloud.

Larger Businesses:

  • Depending on whether there is a server involved or not, we would tailor a backup solution to your business needs. Mostly we would use an "Image" style backup for the server, and if the PC's are storing local data, instead of on the server, we would implement a scheme to back those up to the server (if there is room), directly to the cloud or to an Internal NAS etc. Indicative pricing is hard to give as there are a myriad of possibilities.

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