CT 365 Workspace

CT365 is The New Way of Working.

Work from your browser on any device. Your digital workspace is available at any place and at any time. Everyday applications like Xero, MYOB, Your Bank, Office 365, Document Storage, Intranets even Facebook.

Benefits of CT 365 Workspace

  • No need for expensive servers.
  • No need for complicated VPN's.
  • No downtime if your laptop is stolen or your computer blown up. Just get another and log back in to your work.
  • Need to work from home, the airport, or a cafe? Just login to your CT 365 workspace and carry on.
  • CT Business Solutions Ltd have partnered with a New Zealand based Cloud Service Provider, to change the way people access and use their online services. Tightly integrated with Office 365, all of your Emails, Documents and Web Based Applications are accessed through one simple web page accross any type of device. You will see an immediate value in the efficiencies of a unified access point for your entire staff. In most cases there is no need for your business to ever have a server again.

    CT365 utilises secure Microsoft Azure Single Sign On (SSO) technology. Remembering passwords to all the different systems you use day to day becomes a thing of the past.

    CT Workspace 365 is based on the Workspace 365 product which is rapidly taking over the desktop accross Europe. Combined with the NZ based Cloud Infrastructure provided by our partners, Lucidity Cloud Services, we know that we now have a service that all of our clients will easily use and understand.

    Here is A quote from Workspace 365 CEO and Founder, Erik Nicolai about the thinking behind the development of workspace 365.

    "In the early days of 2010, we started the development of Workspace 365. At that moment there were very little to no products to compare to. Most customers and their MSPs focussed on VDI and Remote Desktop as the logical next step to provide access to all applications,including SaaS and browser-based apps.

    We looked at this opportunity differently. With the increasing amount of browser-based applications, it was just a matter of time before this product would be the primary way of delivering applications and we expected this to have a major impact on our ‘desktop’."

    From CT's perspective and observing the way our customer's data workers needs have changed in the last decade, it was a no-brainer to embrace this technology and help our clients connect the latest technology with an added business value.

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