Cyber Security

It's time to get REAL about cyber security. To many times we hear "Cybersecurity doesn’t apply to me because my business is too small to matter" or "Cybercriminals would never bother hacking us because we don’t have valuable data or many financial assets."

Sure the big breaches (like the Waikato DHB) always get headlines in the news, but small to medium sized businesses are getting hammered too. With the recent changes to the privacy act it is now the business owners responsibility to keep customer data safe or face huge fines.

At CT we offer a managed Cyber-security service for small to medium sized businesses. There are xx main ingredients to this service. For the technically minded further explanation is given at the foot of this service page.

  1. Staff awareness training and reviews
  2. Strong password policies and User Access rights
  3. Managed endpoint protection software powered by AI
  4. Advanced email scanning
  5. Managed Microsoft and 3rd party Security patches and updates
  6. A robust backup system and recovery plan